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Finding new possibilities in packaging-----EVOH high-barrier packaging

It takes more than just picking a color and defining a shape to be creative. It's about working together to develop creative, long-lasting solutions.

Everyone has their own design philosophy. But creating unique and manufacturable packaging requires expertise, technology and capability. With strong creativity and mature experience of EVOH plastic products manufacturing, Srloncreative team is obsessed with the balance between the appearance and function of the products.We can customize your EVOH high-barrier packaging to improve the freshness of the contents, reduce the use of flavors, colors and chemical preservatives, and protect the safety of consumers.

Our Products Design Process

As a EVOH EVOH high-barrier packaging manufacturer, we follow a tried-and-true process that uses sound design thinking and applied imagination to match your product with the perfect packaging solution.


We work to comprehend the difficulties you have, your objectives, and your product philosophies in order to make your brand stand out. We start with a clean SLATE, then we review your design profile and explore all possibilities in a collaborative environment. We strategize, conduct market research, evaluate production capacity, utilize proprietary sustainability tools and efficient collaboration with a professional team, all to guide you to the optimum solution.


Your ideas develop from the insight of discovery, and your solutions start to take shape. To bring your ideas to life, our professional design and engineering team collaborates with you online or in our design and innovation studio to produce sketches, renderings, real-time 3D designs, and working prototype models. Using the power of cooperation, you may be able to design a product that suits your idea in the same day during the on-site design process.


At this stage, the idea becomes more structured as we align your design vision with the production mechanism. The development continues to further refine 3D surface and solid modeling, delving into the details of the product. From there, we move on to photo-realistic renderings, prototype models and technical concept drawings.Product design is influenced by a variety of interrelated elements, including brand, user usage, and shelf appeal. When creating the design shape, the product's ergonomics are also taken into consideration.


This step involves putting all the theory into practiceand ensuring that our manufacturing capability can satisfy your needs. To test the concept, we collaborated with you and tested it using all the resources at our disposal and prior knowledge. This crucial step includes the refinement of the design, performance simulation, test trials, and prototype blow molds. If necessary, we will keep adjusting the design to meet your needs until we find an ideal solution.


Following your approval of the final design, we will produce the first batch of products, and our quality inspection department will check each one thoroughly or randomly. We will promptly alter our production schedule if the product has any issues or if the inspection is unqualified. Following manufacture, we will package the goods in accordance with your specifications. Lastly, the items will be sent to you according to your shipping preferences. We also have a qualified team to handle a range of after-sale problems. In order to provide our clients with excellent service, Srlon will always uphold the value notion of "Treat Yourself and the World Well."

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