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Q: 1.Why choose SRLON?

A: SRLON can do 3 to 10 layers of products, normal are 5 layers (PP / PE-AD-EOVH-AD-PP / PE). 5 layer of products only 1 layer is EVOH, AD is the resin adhesive, EVOH can play a resistance to oxygen, ultraviolet ray and other functions, multi-layer bottles can make the contents shelf life of one year to one and a half years without any additives, also be independent of the color layer, to ensure thesecurity of food.

Q: 2.Can you provide samples?

A: Freesample can be provided, but the express charge need to be bear by your side.

Q: 3.What’s your MOQ?

A: MOQ depend on the product which you buy, we also welcome to place atrial order.

Q: 4. Are you mature in your technology to make high barrier products?

A: We started to make multi-layer high barrier containers in 2004, and it has been 18 years since then, and the technology is relatively mature.

Q: 5. Can I use your company’s mould?

A: Public mould can be used, but some are customer-specific with logos.

Q: 6.How many days you need to schedule production in advance?

A: It is generally necessary to arrange 20 days in advance.

Q: 7. Why plastic bottles are more expensive than glass bottles and tinplate?

A: From the security of food, plastic bottles are better than glass bottles, although plastic bottles are more expensive than glass bottles, but they reduce the damage in transit, solve the problems of glass fragile and heavy freight, and tinplate is dangerous and easy to scratch.

Q: 8.What services do you offer?

A: We can communicate with each other in both Chinese and English. The terms of delivery we accept are FOB, CIF, EXW. You can do it by T/T, L/C, USD, Euro or RMB.

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