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  Surface:Virgin PE Polyethylene resin

  Structural layer:Regrind for the strengthening of deflection and barrier from water vapor

  Surface:Virgin PE Polyethylene resin

  Surface:Virgin PE Polyethylene resin


Material Properties and Characteristics

▶▶ 1- High barrier property

The use of a special material with a high oxygen barrier property protects the aroma of the contents from losing and prevents the penetration of external oxygen molecules.The color of the contents changes barely,which effectively extends the shelf life of foods.

▶▶ 2- Stronger and lighter

Light weight,easy to transport,difficult to break,no bottle explosion,and not likely to cause human injury.

▶▶ 3- Easy to open

Easy to carry,easy to tear the membrane seal,easy to open,no need of need of special tools,no wire or glass slag falling in,and capable of being covered for the second time.

▶▶ 4- Changeable shape

The mouth size can be designed according to the size of contents,changeable in shape.

▶▶ 5- Capable of being microwaved

The high oxygen-resistance container based on PP can be microwaved.

▶▶ 6- Temperature resistance

It meets the long-term sterilization requirements on food products below 120℃.

▶▶ 7- Transparency

The PP co-extruded blow-molded bottle has a good transparency and can clearly show the shape and color of the contents.The PET material has excellent transparency.

▶▶ 8- Soft and squeezable

The product can be designed as a squeezeable bottle for the application into convenient and quick extrusions such as tomato sauce.

▶▶ 9- Market differences

Products can be designed into any shape,so they are diversified in the market,new and beautiful.

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